Notice of Proposed AALAS Bylaws Amendments

At its October 26-27, 2018 meeting, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Board of Trustees will consider Bylaw amendments that will change the AALAS governance structure to eliminate the position of Alternate Trustee. The AALAS Nominations Committee asked the Executive Committee (EC) and Board of Trustees (BOT) to consider concurrent terms for Trustees and their respective Alternates (both positions on the ballot). The request was placed on the EC Agenda for the February 2018 meeting. Discussion of the request led to the question of the role and function as well as the necessity of the Alternate Trustee positions. After extensive discussion, the EC determined there was a need to seek input from current Trustees and Alternate Trustees about the issue. Between the 2018 Winter and Summer BOT meetings, comments were sought from the Trustees, Officers, Alternate Trustees, and Trustees who had previously served as Alternates. Historically, a major purpose of the Alternate Trustee position was to have an immediate replacement should a sitting Trustee resign; however, a number of Alternates have been unable to assume the Trustee role. Additionally, pursuant to the AALAS Bylaws, an Alternate Trustee substituting for an absent Trustee does not have voting privileges. Direct access to information and the opportunity for any member to attend a BOT meeting provides training opportunities for prospective Trustees; thus, negating the need for the Alternate Trustee as a training ground for Trustee. At the 2018 June BOT meeting, the decision to place an action resolution to change the AALAS bylaws to eliminate the Alternate Trustee position was made.

Notice of Proposed AALAS Bylaws Amendments PDF