50 Years of Laboratory Animal Science

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The Architectonics of Laboratory Animal Science

Creation and Development of AALAS Programs

The Founding, Growth, and Development of Local Branches of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 

The History of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

The History of the American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners

The History of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International 

The History of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources 1953–1999 

The History of the Laboratory Animal Management Association

A History of the Program of Laboratory Animal Medicine, Science and Technology in the Department of Veterans Affairs

The History of National Institutes of Health Intramural Programs in Laboratory Animal Science

Development and Major Contributions of the Extramural Comparative Medicine Area, NIH (1962-1999)

The Development of the Technician’s Role, Technician Training and Certification

History of AALAS Publications LAS and CT 

Development of Training Programs in Laboratory Animal Medicine

The History of Environmental Improvements in Laboratory Animal Science: Caging Systems, Equipment, and Facility Design

Development of Gnotobiotics and Contamination Control in Laboratory Animal Science 

Evolution of Genetic Manipulation of Laboratory Animals

Evolution of Disease Monitoring in Laboratory Rodents 

Evolution of Disease Patterns in Laboratory Rodents: The Post-Indigenous Condition 

The History of the Animal Welfare Act

The History of the Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals


A 50-Year Overview: Timelines, Lists and Photos