Animal Rights Terrorism

The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) is dedicated to advancing responsible laboratory animal care and use for the scientific and medical benefit of both people and animals. AALAS and its members willingly join with other groups and individuals concerned about animal welfare to publicly condemn any violence, threats, and harassment to, and intimidation of individuals and businesses involved in the research process. AALAS believes that ethical and humane conduct of animal-based research has contributed, and will continue to contribute, to the advancement of science and medicine.

Acts of terrorism do not result in improvements in animal welfare. Progress comes only from thoughtful discussion and scientific assessment of alternative methods that refine the animal research process–efforts that AALAS itself fosters through educational and scientific programs. Terrorism in the name of “animal rights” jeopardizes the lives of people and animals–in the present by the violence itself, and in the future by hindering the progress of ethical animal-based research designed to find cures and treatments for diseases that affect humans and animals. The AALAS membership extends heartfelt support to our scientific colleagues and their families who have been affected by threats and acts of violence.