Infrastructural Support for Animal-Based Research

The infrastructural needs of animal-based research are likely to differ significantly as the future unfolds. Laboratory animal science and medicine have benefited from the great improvements in the microbiological quality and health of laboratory animals. The use of high quality laboratory animals demands state-of the-art infrastructural support in accordance with advancements in techniques involving animal production and maintenance.

Animal-based infrastructure is costly in terms of physical, personnel, and financial resources. Changing scientific needs, increasing populations of novel animals, new systems for housing and husbandry, and occupational health concerns necessitate an expanding knowledge of new developments in the operational and physical infrastructure technologies required to protect the quality and well-being of laboratory animals.

AALAS believes that the evolving and sophisticated use of laboratory animals must be complemented by new strategies and support in the design, development, and delivery of infrastructure to meet the needs of animal-based biomedical research.


  • Regional collaborations should improve access to cost-effective facilities and programs in support of animal-based research.
  • Federal planning and funding should catalyze the future development of infrastructural support for animal-based research.
  • Institutions should share financial and programmatic responsibility for developing and maintaining infrastructural support for animal-based research.
  • Training in the care and use of laboratory animals should be facilitated among scientists and technologists destined to be providers or users of laboratory animals.
  • Training and monitoring for occupational health and safety should be facilitated for providers and users of laboratory animals.