Certified Manager Exams

The first three exams for Certified Manager (CM) are administered by ICPM. The CM exams are Management Skills I: Foundations of Management; Management Skills II: Planning and Organizing; and Management Skills III: Leading and Controlling. CMAR candidates must apply to ICPM to take the CM exams. An application may be downloaded from the ICPM web site, or you may contact them by e-mail info@icpm.biz or phone (540-568-3247).

ICPM provides three printed study manuals and an online learning center to facilitate preparation for the CM exams. The study manuals can be ordered from ICPM by phone, e-mail or online at www.icpm.biz.

Overview of the Animal Resources Exam

The Animal Resources Exam measures the candidate's knowledge of and skills in resource allocation, management, regulations and compliance, and issues relating to the laboratory animal field. The exam tests your knowledge and competence in the following topic areas:

  • Optimizing Facility Resources (20%)
  • Managing Fiscal Resources (10%)
  • Achieving Regulatory Compliance (20%)
  • Managing Animal Welfare (30)%
  • Assuring Public Trust (10%)
  • Managing Personnel (10%)

The exam is composed of 150 multiple choice questions in three categories:

  • Knowledge-based 

  • Analytical

  • Decision-making 

How to Apply for the AR Exam

Complete and submit the application form  along with all requested documentation and fees. After receiving and processing the application and appropriate fees, the AALAS office will notify applicants of eligibility status via e-mail. All education and work experience eligibility requirements must be met to qualify to take the Animal Resources Exam. AR exam is now available for online testing as well as the pencil and paper format.

Prep Classes and Venues

AALAS program committee sponsors a two day AR (Animal Resource) workshop every year at National Meeting. This workshop is conducted by LAMA  who is a co-sponsor of the CMAR program. You can register for the  workshop through our National Meeting Website. The AR exam is also offered at National Meeting as a pencil and paper exam.

Throughout the year there may be upcoming prep classes which are provided by  Branches  and sometimes private companies.

The next scheduled pencil and paper Animal Resource (AR) exam will be at National Meeting in Baltimore, MD. The test date is November 1, 2018 at 8:00 AM in Rm 313 of Baltimore Convention Center. The deadline to submit your application is September 15, 2018.

Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance for the CMAR program, check out these opportunities:

Administrative Management Society scholarships
LAMA Foundation scholarships

CMAR Certification

CMAR certification will not be conferred on an individual until all 4 exams are taken and passed.

  • If you have your MBA (Master of Business Administration), you will only have to take and pass the Animal Resource Exam.