Study Resources for Animal Resource (AR) Exam

The CMAR Reference List includes readings that provide in-depth coverage of the topics covered by the Animal Resources Exam. The CMAR Reference List may be altered and expanded by the CMAR Committee at any time without notice. The certification test item data bank is not static; new questions are added on a continual basis and this list is adjusted as needed.

Familiarity with the publications listed does not guarantee that an individual will pass the Animal Resources Exam. To obtain any of the publications in this list contact a bookseller, the publisher or the AALAS office. Government publications can be located on the Internet. AALAS packages the reference materials from this list in a CMAR Resource Kit available for purchase through the AALAS Bookstore.

Study Resources for General Management Exams (M1 & M2)

Management Training Manual, 2018 McGraw Hill Create,

Management Training Manual,2023 2nd Edition McGraw Hill Create