CMAR Eligibility Requirements

AR, M1 & M2 Exam Fees

These fees are good through December 31, 2022. We will have a price increase January 1, 2023

Exams Fees: Member- $200, Non-Member- $300, Bundle Rate: Member- $550, Non-Member $850,


Member Total per Exam$150
Member Bundle (AR, M1, M2) member$400
Non-member Total per Exam non-member$250
Non-member Bundle (AR, M1, M2)$500

(nonrefundable $50 members, $150 non-members)

Candidates may apply under one of the following criteria:
Total Lab Animal
Work Experience
Total Lab Animal Managerial
BA/BS5 years3 years
AA/AS8 years3 years
HS/GED10 years3 years

Candidates meeting these requirements who pass the Animal Resources Exam and the M1 & M2 exams will achieve the status of a Certified Manager of Animal Resources and will be able to use the CMAR acronym after their names.

New Updates to the AALAS CMAR application and CMAR Handbook have been made to reflect the addition of the AALAS General Business Management (M1 & M2) Exams. AALAS is accepting applications now for the M1 & M2 exams which are available now as pencil and  paper, and online.

CMAR Application

CMAR Handbook

CMAR Maintenance Form for 15-Month Program Deadline

CMAR Maintenance Fees will increase January 1, 2023: Member- $75, Non-Member- $175

All CMAR candidates must pass the Animal Resources exam and apply to AALAS for M1 & M2 exams or  to  ICPM within 15 months of submitting the application to AALAS. Within the 15-month period, candidates may retake the AR Exam as often as can be arranged and will not lose their eligibility if they fail to pass the AR exam. To retake an exam, candidates must submit the full exam fee payment.

Candidates who have not successfully passed the AR exam and applied for the General Management exams within the 15-month period must submit a maintenance form and pay a maintenance fee ($50) to extend their deadline by another 15 months.

Candidates who fail to meet the deadline and who do not submit an eligibility maintenance form and fee are dropped from the CMAR Program and may reapply at a later date. All candidates dropped from the program who have passed the Animal Resources Exam lose their exam score and must retake the Animal Resources Exam at the full application and exam fees at the time of reapplication to the CMAR program.

CMAR Maintenance Form