Technician Certification

Today, with thousands of animal care technicians being certified, AALAS continues to lead the way in the certification arena with computer-based testing. The AALAS Technician Certification Program provides a framework for learning, a source of self-confidence, and professional recognition for animal technicians.

Your first step is to download the Technician Certification Handbook

It contains everything you need to know about qualification criteria, exam fees, application and testing procedures, and many other topics, and should be retained for use as a reference during the application process.

Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT)

Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT)

Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG)

To apply for an exam submit the following application form and supporting documentation (proof of education and verified work experience).

Application Form  

To request an extension or re-take an exam submit the following application. See  the Technician Certification Handbook  for eligibility.

Extension/Re-take Application

Compensation Reports by Specific Job Title

You can now purchase compensation reports for specific laboratory animal science job positions. Each downloadable report is $40 for members and $75 for nonmembers.

Lab Animal Technician, Entry-Level 
Lab Animal Technician, Mid-Level 
Lab Animal Technician, Senior-Level 
Research Technician

To view other job position compensation surveys, go to the Store page and click on the "Compensation Survey" link under "Publications" on the left-hand side menu.