Veterinary Technicians Speakers Bureau

The AALAS Veterinary Technicians Speakers' Bureau is a service provided by AALAS that arranges for speakers to attend class sessions in veterinary technician programs across the country to discuss the important role veterinary technicians play in biomedical research, explain what laboratory animal technicians do, and outline the many careers in the laboratory animal science field.

Participation in Veterinary Technicians Speakers Bureau

If you are a veterinarian or veterinary technician and would like to add your name to the list of speakers, email Enter your name and location in the subject line of the message.

To assist you in your presentation, we have a power point presentation available Vet Tech Presentation. We suggest you include the following visual aids and reference materials.  The reference materials listed below are available through the AALAS bookstore free of charge. You may also visit the AALAS Foundation  for additional videos.

  • “Careers in Biomedical Research” Brochure
  • "Discover Laboratory Animal Science" Brochure- For Vet Techs
  • "Animal Roles in Medical Discoveries" Poster
  •  Biomedical Progress Poster:"Diagnosing Disease"
  •  Biomedical Progress Poster: "Vaccines"
  •  Biomedical Progress Poster: "Serving Their Country"

Requesting a Speaker

Veterinary Technician Program instructors who desire to request a speaker should email Enter the name of your school in the subject line of the message, and include the following information in the body of the message:

  • Contact person (i.e., instructor)
  • Contact person's email address
  • Date and location of proposed visit
  • Number of students attending the presentation
  • List of speaker expenses (if any) to be paid for by the presenting group

AALAS will distribute this information to the speakers' list. Interested speakers should then contact the instructor directly to discuss details. All negotiations regarding travel, fees, dates, and so forth will be between the instructor and the potential speaker.

Once a speaker is scheduled for the meeting, please notify AALAS of the details of the speaker agreement.