Help Your TBR Receive a Special Award!

Technician Branch Representatives (TBRs) are a vital part of the Committee on Technician Awareness & Development (CTAD). TBRs share technicians' activities, ideas, and suggestions; help them promote biomedical research on a local basis; provide them with professional opportunities and strategies; encourage them to participate in AALAS at a local and national level; and request technicians' articles for AALAS publications. In short, they provide a valuable connection between national AALAS and technicians in the field.

 The TBR who demonstrates outstanding performance above all others will be the winner of the AALAS TBR Recognition Award. The award consists of a complimentary AALAS National Meeting registration, a complimentary hotel room, plus an additional $150 in travel funds and reimbursement of airfare up to $500.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Active involvement in local AALAS branch activities (attends branch meetings, places articles in branch newsletter, etc.)
  • Participation in TBR network (maintains regular contact with other TBRs, maintains contact with district CTAD rep, etc.)
  • Participation in CTAD activities at all levels (promotes Tech Week within their branch, volunteers at CTAD booth at National Meeting, participates in CTAD events at National Meeting, etc.)
  • Participation in additional programs, such as public service, outside of AALAS

Nomination Process

Nominations are accepted from any AALAS branch member, a member of the AALAS branch's board of directors or the district's CTAD representative. If you have a TBR in your branch who you feel has shown an exemplary job performance, please nominate him/her by using the "TBR Recognition Award" nomination form. Sample letters and nomination form.

Deadline for the "TBR Recognition Award" nomination submission is July 1. The final vote will be determined by a subcommittee of the CTAD.

Past Winners

2016Denise Butler-Buccilli
2015Lynn Lambert, National Capitol Area Branch
2014Dotty Paquin, New England Branch
2013Matthew Taylor, Michigan Branch
2012Audry Harris, Northern Rocky Mt. Branch
2011Verda A Davis, Kentucky Branch
2010Jose Espinal, New Jersey Branch
2009Lisa Panchella, Delaware Valley Branch
2008Michael Etheridge, Central Ohio Branch
2007Kathy Laster, Kentucky Branch
2006Ted Plemons, National Capitol Area Branch
2005Jillann Rawlins, Oregon Branch

Jenny Arvizu, Palms to Pines

Tina Fay, Mile High Branch

Lori Weaver, Texas Branch


Jane Criswell, Arizona Branch    

Barbara Dennis, Louisiana Branch            

Carolyn Guajardo, San Diego Branch

Roland Anderson, Oregon Branch           

Bonnie Lemos, Northern California Branch          

Charlie Schmieder, Arkansas Branch
2001Margaret Potter, Central Pennsylvania
2000Jamieson Greaver, Texas Branch
1999Catherine Luke, Michigan Branch