Cost of Caring Brochure

The human–animal bond in the field of animal research exists in many forms. Kindness and concern for animals are desirable characteristics in animal care and research workers. Therefore, to find that workers experience grief or bereavement at the death of animals used for research or teaching is not surprising. Acknowledging that these feelings exist and providing support in the workplace is very important.

This brochure is designed to assist all members of the research team in understanding this common concern and to provide suggestions and resources for managing human emotions in the care of laboratory animals.

Download the brochure here (PDF)

Cost of Caring Presentation

Are you planning to present a program on this topic?

Download the Cost of Caring presentation, which contains slides that you can use in your presentation along with the information provided in the Cost of Caring brochure.

Cost of Caring Technician Training Short

This Training Short, available in the Store, includes a 15-minute recorded presentation and active learning exercises provided to enhance the group learning experience.

There are two active learning exercises available:

  1. Group Activity: Staff can brainstorm self-care strategies and ways to incorporate compassion fatigue awareness in the workplace.
  2. Quiz Game: A PowerPoint presentation with quiz questions and suggestions on ways to play the game.

Compassion Fatigue Webinar Recordings

Compassion Fatigue Course in the AALAS Learning Library

This course provides information to help those who work in the laboratory animal science field cope with feelings and emotions that may arise.