Education Product Updates

If you have a training manual, workbook, or companion CD, check the product updates list below for your edition or printing date for changes in regulations, clarifications of text, or corrections of reported errors. You can find the edition or printing date on the back of the acknowledgements page for each printed product or check the label of the companion CD for the version. Use the information from the product updates list with your copy. This information will be incorporated into the next edition or printing that is published.

ALAT Products

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LATG Products

ALAT Training Manual (2018)

LAT Training Manual (2021)

LATG Training Manual (2016)

ALAT Training Manual Companion DVD (2018)

LAT Training Manual Workbook (2021)

LATG Companion DVD (2016)
ALAT Training Manual Workbook (2018)


LATG Training Manual Workbook (2016)