Physical Plant Orientation Training

AALAS has training resources to orient physical plant personnel for construction, renovation, and maintenance projects in animal facilities. These training resources are for the following types of personnel:

1.Senior managers, directors, and executives. A 20-slide powerpoint file provides a brief orientation to the requirements during a physical plant project for maintenance of animal facility environments, compliance with regulatory mandates, protection of personnel, and avoidance of a deleterious impact on research studies. Download this powerpoint file here.

2.Managers and supervisors. A course "Physical Plant Work in the Laboratory Animal Facility - Manager Orientation" on the AALAS Learning Library.This course aims to help managers plan their staff's operations so they can work safely in an animal facility without impacting animal health and welfare. It provides guidance to plan, implement and complete a physical plant project in accordance with industry regulations, mandates, and safe work practices needed in laboratory animal facilities. Find this course by searching on its title in the AALAS Learning Library  (enrollment and subscription required).

3.Physical plant technicians and contractors. A course "Physical Plant Work in the Laboratory Animal Facility - Technician Orientation" on the AALAS Learning Library. The course will provide instruction on the requirements for safeguarding animal health and welfare and for working safely in an animal facility. Available soon.