Zebrafish Resources

Zebrafish information can be found on the AALAS Learning Library, our online training platform. Information on zebrafish is in such courses as: “Aquatic Animal Husbandry and Management,” “Laboratory Animal Nutrition,” and “Working with Laboratory Zebrafish.” The laboratory zebrafish course is one of our most highly used courses. Do you have an idea to develop a new zebrafish course? We are always looking to add new aquatic topics or courses to better serve aquatic researchers.

Check out the AALAS Store for other educational resources. Zebrafish information is contained in both the ALAT and LAT manuals for laboratory technicians. For future laboratory animal managers, we offer study materials to prepare you to become a Certified Manager of Animal Resources, or CMAR. We also offer a highly detailed anatomical zebrafish poster that is ideal both for training and as a reference within the laboratory.

AALAS works at the forefront of breaking scientific discoveries through our publications, the Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (known as JAALAS), Comparative Medicine, and Laboratory Animal Science Professional (known as LAS Pro). Each of these publications has articles on zebrafish. JAALAS has six issues a year and focuses on scholarly reports of animal biology, technology, facility operations, management, and compliance. Comparative Medicine has six issues a year as well. It features study reports on laboratory animal disease, disease models, and biological mechanisms related to disease in humans and animals. The bimonthly LAS Pro magazine focuses on the latest developments and strategies in laboratory animal science, including management, professional development, occupational health and safety, facility design, technologies, and much more. Do you want to publish research or practice tips on aquatic animal models? Consider publishing your manuscript with AALAS; there are no publication fees.

A unique feature of AALAS is the AALAS Community Exchange (known as ACE), which is a platform for everyone in laboratory animal science to engage and network online. On ACE, AALAS members can pose and answer questions, discuss topics, and stay up to date with AALAS announcements.

AALAS has a yearly National Meeting for everyone in the lab animal field. The national meeting connects the laboratory animal science community with educational opportunities in oral presentations, posters, and trade show exhibits.

Every day AALAS is carrying out its mission to advance responsible laboratory animals care and use to benefit people and animals. We would love to have you become a part of it! Visit AALAS.org to see all the ways you can participate and become a member.