Get Involved. Volunteer With AALAS.

The Volunteer Form will reopen this fall to assist in filling positions for the 2026 leadership appointment time frame. We encourage all those interested in participating to submit their names at that time.

Volunteers are priceless, that's why AALAS needs people like you to help make a difference. To volunteer at the Branch level, please contact your local Branch.

To volunteer at the National level, simply complete the Volunteer Form or click on the QR code below. There are three levels of commitment available, each with unique opportunities for volunteers.

At the Micro-Volunteer level, you can assist with specific tasks such as writing, facilitation at National Meetings, or volunteering for the AALAS Community Exchange. There are many opportunities for writers, reviewers, and subject matter experts to contribute their time virtually.

Committee appointments are a 3-year commitment and offer a rewarding experience for those interested in shaping the future of laboratory animal science. To learn more about specific committees, please click here. The AALAS Foundation also offers several committee membership opportunities.

The Policy Level offers significant time commitments and includes the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board of Directors. If you're interested in taking on special projects or becoming an elected official, please visit the AALAS website for more information.

What our members are saying about volunteering for AALAS:

“I wanted to be a more integral part of AALAS, it is a phenomenal organization. The diversity of the members alone encouraged me to want to be involved." --Paige Ebert

“Principally a sense of responsibility to an organization I feel is very important to our field.....and it's fun. I honestly consider it an honor to be asked to participate." --Doug Taylor

"I loved the sense of purpose of all of us creating a culture of care, plus the friends and relationships you make are priceless." -- Lisa Secrest