Get Involved. Volunteer With AALAS.

What is a National AALAS volunteer?

Volunteers are members of National AALAS who support the AALAS mission and want to “give back” to the association and laboratory animal science (LAS) community. Individuals just like you, give their time, energy, and expertise to help shape, advance, and promote the diverse LAS profession today and for future generations.  

Why should I volunteer?

Would you like to help shape the future of AALAS and the LAS field? Or share your knowledge with the world to make a difference in the lives of others? What if you could be in on ground-breaking research or creating global policies involving LAS? Or maybe you just want to advance your professional career and have fun? No matter what your motivation, AALAS needs you.

 “I wanted to be a more integral part of AALAS, it is a phenomenal organization. The diversity of the members alone encouraged me to want to be involved." -  Paige Ebert

 “Principally a sense of responsibility to an organization I feel is very important to our field.....and it's fun. I honestly consider it an honor to be asked to participate." - Doug Taylor

 "I loved the sense of purpose of all of us creating a culture of care, plus the friends and relationships you make are priceless.".- Lisa Secrest

What volunteer opportunities exist?

How much time can you give?  There are many avenues to get involved whether you have a lot or a little time, experience, or skills. Review the volunteer categories below and if one or more piques your interest, click the corresponding links on the left for more information and how you might participate. 

Level 1 – Writers – Short-term commitment, little to no travel involved

If you don't think of yourself as a writer, think again. Writers include reviewers, editors, Subject Matter Experts, and more. Writers spend their volunteer time writing or reviewing professional papers, content, or other work. They serve as functional area experts but are less likely to perform leadership or other association roles. Writers are usually able to complete assignments from home with internet access and email. Take on as many writing or reviewing assignments as you choose. Click Writers for more information.

Level 2 - Stagers – Short-term commitment, some travel required

Stagers spend their volunteer time directing the flow of meeting sessions or sharing their expertise and passion with an audience. Stagers perform vital services but are less likely to perform leadership roles. A Stager might be a facilitator, moderator, presenter/speaker, a booth attendant, tour guide, or anyone who wants to work behind the scenes to make a program successful (e.g., auctions, area programs). Click Stagers for more information.

Level 3 – Shapers (Committees) – Long-term commitment, some travel involved 

Shapers contribute their time and abilities to further AALAS and the LAS field through committee service, or on the AALAS Foundation Board of Directors. Committee service may be one of the most rewarding ways to contribute your time and abilities. 

AALAS is breaking new ground and expanding services in exciting ways—locally and globally, in person, and on the web. This is your chance to go behind the scenes and help shape the future of AALAS and the field of laboratory animal science. Do you have a great idea for enhancing our educational programs and training materials? Do you want to help plan the National Meeting? Whatever your passion, committee service is one way to bring your dreams to fruition. 

Click Shapers  (Committees) to learn more about the different committees and how you can volunteer for service.

Level 4 – Trailblazers (Elected) – Significant time commitment, responsibility, and travel 

Trailblazers are elected to serve as the policy-making and legislative body of AALAS, a.k.a., the Board of Trustees (BOT). The BOT establishes the strategic direction and sets policy for the common good. The Executive Committee comprises the BOT officers, and serves as the Finance Committee. Click Trailblazers  (Elected) to learn more about what it takes to run for National office.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteering is easy. Follow the steps below; and when a volunteer position becomes available that fits your experience, interests, and schedule, we’ll contact you.

  1. Review the opportunities, including committee descriptions, and decide the best fit for you.
  2. Fill out and submit the Volunteer Form, to let us know your interests, skills, experience, and expertise that qualifies you for the volunteer position.