The Charles River Prize is awarded to a veterinarian in recognition of his/her outstanding contributions to laboratory animal science and medicine.

Since 1978, Charles River has proudly sponsored the Charles River Prize in the U.S. Beginning in 2013, we expanded the reach of the Charles River Prize to include our international colleagues through AALAS.

Nomination Eligibility

Nominee should be a veterinarian who has had significant, consistent contributions to laboratory animal science and medicine. Nominee must be either a member of AALAS or an AALAS-recognized affiliate organization (AALAS Global Partner Affiliates list). Nominee may be a resident of any country. The Charles River Prize Nomination Form must be completed for each nominee.

Each nomination should be accompanied by the following supporting information:

  1. Name, mailing address, college and year of graduation
  2. Nature of professional activity (type of salaried work)
  3. Organization membership (professional and scientific)
  4. Honors or awards
  5. Bibliography
  6. Brief biosketch on nominee’s professional background
  7. Statement pertaining to his/her qualifications for the award
  8. Three letters of support for the nomination

The completed nomination packet must be received no later than April 1st. Please send nomination packet via email to


  • Publications and presentations in the field of laboratory animal science, medicine, welfare or ethics
  • Teaching and training activities that foster the highest standards of animal care and use
  • Public outreach supporting biomedical research
  • Involvement in public policy enhancing biomedical research
  • Involvement in development of recognized guidelines, standards and other activities enhancing the use of animals in biomedical research
  • Contributions to the implementation of the 3Rs in biomedical research
  • Other attributes not covered above that should be considered, including grants to enhance animal care and use programs or involvement in professional organizations (particularly leadership roles)

Award Details

Plaque and a $2,500 honorarium.