The George R. Collins Education and Training Award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to the field of laboratory animal training and education.


Formerly entitled the Animal Technician Award, the Collins Award is named after George R. Collins, a member of the first AALAS Animal Technician Certification Board and a pioneer in the animal technician education and certification.

Nomination Eligibility:

Nominees have responsibility for training or education within their organization or have significant dedication to sharing skills and knowledge with fellow colleagues. George R. Collins Education and Training Award Nomination Form 


  1. Current member of National AALAS.
  2. Demonstrated participation in local/national AALAS activities and dedication to promote and advance of the field of laboratory animal science through training and education.
  3. Participation in learning or information programs (e.g. public outreach or education programs).
  4. Demonstrated participation in developing, improving, implementing or providing training and education programs.
  5. Demonstrated promotion of technician or management certification.
  6. Successful candidates will have:
    • AALAS registered certification or equivalent educational or professional degree preferred.
    • Active in local or National AALAS through participation on committees or other volunteer commitments

Award Details:

Plaque and a $2,000 honorarium.