The Joseph J. Garvey Management Award recognizes an individual for their outstanding accomplishments in administration, management, or the support of programs relating to the care, quality, or humane treatment of animals used in biomedical research.


The Joseph J. Garvey award is named after AALAS' first Executive Secretary and was first presented in 1984.

Nomination Eligibility:

Nominees may be directors, managers, supervisors or administrators. Joseph J. Garvey Management Award Nomination Form 


  1. Current member of National AALAS.
  2. Demonstrated managerial or administrative leadership that contributed to improvement in the care of animals (e.g. creating program that inspires employees to improve job performance; creating a system for employees to make suggestions for how to improve animal care and implementing suggestions, leading an exemplary program).
  3. Demonstrated accomplishments related to the care, quality or humane treatment of research animals.
  4. Demonstrated specific achievements that have benefited AALAS or the candidate's workplace.

Successful candidates will have:

  1. AALAS registered certification or equivalent educational or professional degree preferred.
  2. Active in local or National AALAS through participation on committees or other volunteer commitments.

Award Details:

Plaque and a $2,000 honorarium.