The Technician of the Year Award recognizes an individual for their accomplishment and contribution to the promotion of laboratory animal care.


This award, formerly called the Technician Recognition Award, was instituted as a scholarship award in 1967. The award promotes the laboratory animal technician as an integral member of a research team and encourages continuing education. Nominees for this award are often individuals who have received the Technician or Technologist of the Year Award from their local branch.

Nomination Eligibility:

Nominees have primary responsibility for feeding, handling, and/or care of laboratory animals. Technician of the Year Award Nomination Form 


  1. Current member of National AALAS.
  2. Have daily contact with laboratory animals in the form of handling, feeding, watering, changing cages, or delivering veterinary technical services.
  3. Contribution to the laboratory animal field at the institutional level through identification and implementation of new or improved techniques in the care of animals.
  4. Demonstration of outstanding individual work performance, positive attitude, team work, and motivation.
  5. Hold an animal care position with minimal supervisory responsibilities.
  6. Demonstrated interest in attaining additional education and training preferred.
  7. Successful candidates must have:
    • RALAT, RLAT, or RLATG certification
    • Participation in the AALAS Registry
    • Active in local or National AALAS through participation on committees or other volunteer commitments preferred

Award Details:

Plaque and a $2,000 honorarium.