Request the AALAS President or Executive Director Attendance for Your Branch or District Meeting

The AALAS President is the designated representative of the volunteer leadership and the AALAS Executive Director is the designated representative of the AALAS staff. If the President cannot attend, s/he may designate another Officer to represent AALAS. If the Executive Director cannot attend, s/he may designate another staff member to attend the event. The type of presentation requested will be considered in determining the appropriate person to attend.

The Board of Trustees has approved the following policy for Executive Committee and National Staff who are invited to attend Branch, District, Affiliate or Other Organization meetings:

  1. National AALAS pays round-trip airfare or current mileage reimbursement (if the meeting is within driving distance for the Executive Committee member or staff attending).
  2. Branches, Districts, Affiliates or Other Organizations pay all local expenses including:
    • Transportation to and from the airport
    • Hotel and food (includes making hotel reservations)
    • Registration for the meeting (the attendee will contact the “Responsible Person” listed below to complete any necessary registration forms)
Please complete the leadership request form  and submit to the AALAS office (attn. Mary Kathryn Billings) at least 60 days in advance of dates requested. If you have any questions on this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to call AALAS at 901-754-8620.