Technician Branch Representatives

Technician Branch Representatives (TBRs) are appointed/elected by their AALAS branch and serve as the voice of the technician community by serving as liaisons between the 50 local AALAS branches and the AALAS national office. The TBRs work closely with the Committee on Technician Awareness and Development (CTAD) and AALAS staff to:

  • Share technicians' activities, ideas, and suggestions with other AALAS branches and the National Office
  • Help technicians promote biomedical research on a local level
  • Provide technicians with professional opportunities and strategies at the local, district, and national levels
  • Maintain regular contact with other TBRs, the CTAD, and the AALAS national office via the Branch Leadership and TechLink electronic listservs
The TBR Guidelines provides more details on a TBR's responsibilities and role in the AALAS community.