AALAS Committees

To serve on an AALAS committee or board, advisory council, ad hoc committee, or subcommittee, you must be an active AALAS National member in good standing. Time involved depends upon the committee, but typical appointments are for three years with the possibility of an additional term, or advancement to vice chair and chair. All committees meet face-to-face annually during National Meeting, and many have a face-to-face mid-year meeting each year, typically at the AALAS National Office in Memphis, Tennessee.

Choose a committee category from the top menu to find descriptions for individual committees, including prerequisites for service, and more. When you're ready, submit the Volunteer Form and when a position becomes available that fits your experience and interests, we'll contact you.    

How are committee members appointed?

Committee chairs are selected by the AALAS vice president to serve during his/her presidential term. Committee vice chairs are appointed by the vice president-elect to serve during his/her term as vice president. The vice president selects committee members to fill any positions that will be open during his/her term as president. All terms begin at the close of the National Meeting. Appointment deadlines are: Chairs by April 1; vice chairs by May 1; members by August 1. 

What are the terms of appointment?

Unless otherwise stated in committee-specific procedures, members of each advisory council, standing committee, and board serve three-year terms. To ensure continuity, membership terms are staggered so that approximately one-third of the membership rotates off each year, and an equal number of new members are appointed. Members of each ad hoc committee serve for the term of the committee.

What are the responsibilities of committee members?

Members work together under direction of the chair to carry out standing and current charges. Committee members also attend all committee meetings and participate in committee discussions via email and phone.

What meetings will I have to attend?

Every committee meets at least once yearly at the AALAS National Meeting; others may meet a second time during the year if necessary. If you are asked to attend a committee meeting other than the one during the National Meeting, AALAS reimburses your expenses under the guidelines of the travel and expense reimbursement policy. Outgoing and incoming committee chairs, vice chairs, and members meet during the scheduled meeting at the National Meeting. Current and incoming standing committee chairs also attend the annual Leadership Summit usually held mid-late June at the AALAS National office.

AALAS Foundation Board of Directors (AFBOD)

AFBOD members are selected by the current AFBOD with the approval of the AALAS Board of Trustees. AALAS membership is not required for service on the AFBOD. Click the AFBOD link to learn how you can be a part.