Level 4 – Trailblazers (Elected) – Significant time commitment, responsibility, and travel. Interested members must submit the appropriate VPE or Trustee Application  and supporting documentation by the posted deadline(s). 

Trailblazers are elected to serve as the policy-making and legislative body of AALAS, a.k.a., the Board of Trustees (BOT). The BOT establishes the strategic direction and sets policy for the common good. The Executive Committee comprises the BOT officers, and serves as the Finance Committee.

To serve in an elected position, you must be an AALAS National member and meet the eligibility requirements for the position sought (see AALAS Bylaws and Policies & Procedures Manual Section 4-25). 

Trustees travel at least three times per year to attend BOT meetings and, depending on committee assignment (Trustees are appointed as BOT Liaisons to committees), to at least one committee meeting per year in addition to the AALAS National Meeting. Click the Trustees link for eligibility information and the application.   

  • District Trustees represent their District and are nominated and elected by AALAS National Members residing within their respective districts.
  • At-Large T­rustees represent a National constituency and are elected by the entire AALAS National membership.  According to the needs of the Association to achieve a balanced board, At-Large Trustee candidates meet specified criteria in addition to the standard Trustee requirements. For the 2019-2021 term, the Nominations Committee is seeking Veterinarians for At-Large Trustee seat 1; and 'vendor' members for At-Large Trustee seat 2.

Vice President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer (officers)

  • The Vice President-Elect position, elected by the entire AALAS National membership, is the first of a four-year commitment, followed by Vice President, President, and Past President. Travel includes all of the BOT meetings, executive committee meetings, and additional meetings locally, nationally, and globally.
  • The Secretary/Treasurer, elected by the entire AALAS National membership, serves a three-year term with the possibility of a second three-year term. Travel includes all of the BOT and executive committee meetings, plus additional as requested. 

If you’re ready for the Trailblazer challenge, click HERE  for the nominations process, qualifications and required forms, according to position sought (login required).