AALAS members gain a powerful resource to network with 14,000+ laboratory animal science colleagues, exchange knowledge, and share solutions with the AALAS Community Exchange (ACE).

ACE is an online platform consisting of various communities, each with their own discussion forum, online resource library, and member-search for networking.

ACE represents a unique opportunity for AALAS members to interact with each other to share information and solve practical problems. Members will be able to connect in self-selected open communities, while closed communities will facilitate the work of AALAS committees.

AALAS members will receive emails with subscription notifications. In addition to being able to network with colleagues, members will be able to participate in discussions; access a library of resources specific to communities; and post images, videos and documents to share with others.

ACE access is tied to AALAS membership. Members will be able to join communities, update individual profiles, and manage the frequency of community notifications.