AALAS launched the new Open Forum community on April 30, 2019. Visit frequently asked questions about using the communities.

The Open Forum is a community for the entire AALAS membership to ask questions, exchange knowledge, and share solutions with other laboratory animal science professionals.

The CompMed community opened June 14, 2019. Here are the recommended topics for posting in the CompMed community:

CompMed topics:

  • Comparative medicine
  • Animal biology
  • Husbandry
  • Facility operations/design
  • Compliance/regulatory
  • Occupational health and safety

Because the TechLink listserv received very little use and because the few posts have been comparable to those asked on CompMed, Techlink was dissolved. You are encouraged to post technical and scientific questions on CompMed. IACUC-Forum was closed too because of the low number of discussions. IACUC-related questions can be posted on CompMed or the Open Forum.

We have updated the community guidelines to not allow the posting of job positions in communities. Please post jobs on CareerLine.

Upcoming meetings may be posted on the AALAS Calendar or in the "Meetings & Events" community. AALAS members can join the "Meetings & Events" community at https://community.aalas.org/communities/allcommunities.