AALAS National Election

The AALAS National Election is conducted each summer to fill open positions (officers, trustees, alternates) on the AALAS Board of Trustees (BOT). Elected to serve as the policy-making and legislative body of AALAS, BOT candidates must meet eligibility requirements, apply by the specified deadline, and commit to at least a three-year term of office. See also Volunteer Opportunities or Nominations. All terms commence at the close of the AALAS National Meeting in the year of the election. 

2019 Election Results 

Vice President Elect – Marc Hulin

At-Large Trustee Seat 3 – Sonja Chou

District 5 Trustee – Lisa J. Brossia-Root

District 6 Trustee – Marilyn Watson

District 8 Trustee – Thomas Chatkupt

At-Large Alternate Trustee Seat 3 – Luis Zorrilla

District 4 Alternate Trustee – Janet Steele

District 7 Alternate Trustee – Ryan Byrd

District 8 Alternate Trustee – Emily Slocum

At-Large Trustee*

According to the needs of the Association to achieve a balanced board, At-Large Trustee candidates meet specified criteria in addition to the standard Trustee requirements. For the 2020-2022 term, the Nominations Committee is seeking members with global experience for At-Large Trustee seat 3.

How long will they serve?

Trustees, Alternates and the Secretary/Treasurer serve three year terms. Vice President-Elect is the first of a four-year commitment, followed by the positions of Vice President, President and Past President.

All terms commence at the close of the AALAS National Meeting in the year of the election.

Who can vote? 

AALAS National Members are eligible to vote if their memberships are current as of May 1, at the time the election membership reports are sent to the election service, and a valid, individual email address is on file.

To ensure receipt of your ballot email, confirm the following before April 30:

  • Verify that your AALAS National Membership is current (as of May 1). Renew early to allow for processing time.
  • Confirm that AALAS has a unique email address for you (can be designated as an election email).
    • For security reasons, generic or shared email addresses are not allowable for the election (e.g., “info@”).
    • Personal email addresses can be created in gmail, yahoo, etc., to designate as your election email address. Log in to the AALAS website to add, update or check your address. Select “My Profile,” top right, then “Contact Information” from the left menu.
  • Add the following information to your email safe senders list:
    • From: <vote@simplyvoting.com> 
    • Subject: 2019 AALAS National Election
  • IT administrators may white-list the following IP addresses:  

Contact the Membership Department if you need assistance confirming your membership status or election email address.

Can I vote for everyone?

The Vice President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer and At-large candidates are elected by the membership-at-large (all eligible National Members, see "Who can vote?" above); District candidates are elected by constituents in their Districts. You may vote for one candidate for each office according to the following: 

  • Officers - All eligible National Members can vote for one Vice President-Elect candidate and one Secretary/Treasurer candidate (if seat is open).
  • At-Large Trustees - All eligible National Members may vote for one At-Large Trustee candidate for each open At-Large seat (e.g., vote for one candidate in At-Large position 1 and one candidate in At-Large position 2).
  • District Trustees/Alternates – If a seat is open in your District, you may vote for one Trustee candidate and/or one Alternate candidate from within your District.

What is my AALAS district for voting?

Your AALAS District, and the District in which you must vote, is designated by the address where your publications are mailed. For example, if you work in New York (District 1), but your AALAS publications are sent to your home in New Jersey (District 2), then District 2 is your official AALAS District.

The address where your publications are mailed is called the “ship-to” address in the AALAS database. If you provided AALAS with only one address, then by default that is the “ship-to” address. Some members provide AALAS with two addresses. For example, business may be the “bill-to” address, and home may be the “ship-to” address.

How do I vote?

Web-based voting will be managed by Simply Voting for this year's AALAS National Election. Eligible voters will receive an email containing a link to the official ballot and personalized, confidential login credentials. Look for an email on or about June 3 and then follow the instructions. Voting closes July 2 at 11:59pm CDT.

Why vote?

Voting is your opportunity to have a voice in important issues that affect AALAS and the LAS community by selecting the leaders who will guide your Association, AALAS, into the future. Every vote matters. Exercise your right by participating in this year's AALAS National Election. Verify your membership and email address by April 15.