Who's running for office?  

The 2017 AALAS National Election Ballot will include the following. Login to view bios of each candidate. This is a preview of those running for office; voting will take place through Simply Voting's web portal beginning June 1.  

Vice President-Elect  
Tracy A. Lewis      
Douglas K. Taylor  

At-Large Trustee position 4     
Robert T. Dauchy         
James D. Macy        

District 1 Trustee  
Stephen T. Baker        
Robert H. Quinn     

District 2 Trustee  
Kelly S. Patterson      
Pamela Straeter          
Erin Vogelsong    

District 2 Alternate Trustee  
No Candidates  (Trustee runner-up will serve as Alternate.)       

District 3 Alternate Trustee   
Carolyn A. Pelham        

District 4 Trustee   
Timothy D. Mandrell    
Mark T. Sharpless

District 4 Alternate Trustee    
No Candidates (Trustee runner-up will serve as Alternate.)     

District 6 Alternate Trustee   
Tricia L. Rump          

District 7 Trustee   
Lindsay S. Holmes         
Toni T. Mufford         
Michelle Wallace-Fields