Who's running for office?  

The 2022 AALAS election ballot will include the following. Login to view the bios of each candidate. Voting will take place through Simply Voting beginning June 1. AALAS members will receive electronic ballot information on June 1.

Vice President-Elect  
James Macy
Lisa Secrest

At-Large Trustee Seat 3  
George Babcock   
Teresa Woodger   
Gordon Yee

District 4 Alternate Trustee   
Janet Steele        

District 5 Trustee   
Stacy Cantrell
Travis Stein

District 6 Trustee   
Stephen Levin
Christy Neel

District 6 Alternate Trustee   
Brian Ebert      

District 7 Alternate Trustee  
Ryan Byrd
Adrienne Duran   
Michelle Wallace-Fields

District 8 Trustee  
Thomas Chatkupt   
Katherine Marshall

District 8 Alternate Trustee  
Emily Slocum