IACUC-Forum is a member benefit for current AALAS institutional members. There are no fees for this service; it is included as part of your institutional membership dues. Current institutional contact persons may enroll their IACUC members and IACUC staff on IACUC-Forum; the IACUC members and IACUC staff who have access to the list are not required to be members of AALAS for the purposes of this list. Only individuals directly related to the IACUC are eligible to have access to the list. The institutional contact person serves as the gatekeeper for the member institution and is the only individual authorized to request to add or remove individuals from IACUC-Forum. This is a closed list and AALAS is the final authority regarding its operation. The institutional contact person is required to notify in advance any IACUC member whom they intend to add to the IACUC-FORUM list.

If you're an AALAS Institutional contact member, you can sign up your IACUC members and IACUC staff on this listserv. Download the application form here .

For information on this listserv, please refer to the IACUC-Forum FAQ.