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How Much Time and Effort Can You Commit to Volunteering?

Volunteers are unpaid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless! AALAS needs people, just like you. To become a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Form. The three levels below cover volunteer options, including time commitments and expectations.

Micro-Volunteer Level

A micro-volunteer agrees to assist on short-term assignments with specific tasks (i.e. facilitating at the National Meeting, online community platform, writing articles). There are many micro-volunteer opportunities including:

  • Writers/Reviewers/Subject Matter Experts: Volunteer your time to write or review papers, content, AALAS Learning Library courses, etc. Writers are able to complete assignments virtually with no travel required! Take on as many writing or reviewing assignments as you choose.
  • National Meeting Presenter, Speaker, Facilitator, Moderator: Volunteer as a facilitator, moderator, presenter/speaker, booth attendant, or any role to work behind the scenes to make the National Meeting program successful (i.e. auctions, AREA programs).
  • The AALAS Foundation needs volunteers at National Meeting for the AREA program, silent and live auctions, and Foundation booth.
  • Speaking opportunities range from educational settings, such as the AALAS National Meeting and the Institute for Laboratory Animal Management (ILAM), to public outreach sessions at local branch meetings (AALAS Speakers Bureau).
  • AALAS Community Exchange (ACE): Volunteer to assist with ACE, our online community platform. ACE Ambassadors are a special group of members who serve as the welcoming, friendly, and helpful face of ACE. In this role, we will ask you to help answer questions, welcome new members, and provide invaluable feedback that will aid in shaping the direction of our community.

Committee Level

Committee appointments are a 3 year commitment and may/may not involve face-to-face travel. It is perhaps one of the most rewarding ways to contribute your time and abilities, an opportunity to go behind the scenes and help shape the future of AALAS and the field of laboratory animal science.

To learn more about specific committees, click here.

The AALAS Foundation also offers several committee membership opportunities. Click the AALAS Foundation volunteer link to learn more. 

Policy Level

This level of volunteering includes the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board of Directors. It can include special projects (governance committee, membership restructuring task force, etc.) and is a significant time commitment over an extended period of time.

Elected Official/BOT Involvement: Elected officers serve as the policy-making and legislative body of AALAS. The BOT establishes the strategic direction and sets policy for the common good. The Executive Committee comprises the BOT officers and serves as the Finance Committee. For more on how to qualify and run for an elected position, please click here

AALAS Foundation Board: The AFBOD is the policy-making and legislative body of the AALAS Foundation. The AFBOD makes informed decisions that set policies and directions of the Foundation. It approves policies, directions, and outcomes to be accomplished, consistent with the Foundation’s mission, goals, and objectives and actively promotes the AALAS Foundation.