GLAS application tutorial

GLAS Application Tutorial (PDF full text of the tutorial)

Introduction to the GLAS Program

The AALAS Grants for Laboratory Animal Science (GLAS) program can help you contribute new knowledge to the field of laboratory animal science.

The AALAS Grants for Laboratory Animal Science (GLAS) program, established in 2006, enhances scientific knowledge in laboratory animal health and welfare through research, and it promotes collaborative efforts by the AALAS membership within the broader scientific community.

Examples of research interest include:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Housing and enrichment
  • Pain and distress
  • Health and welfare
  • Euthanasia
  • Advancements in animal care and use
  • Refinement research

The AALAS Scientific Advisory Committee oversees the GLAS program and selects the applications to be funded each year.

Two Grant Programs

The GLAS program provides two types of competitive one-year research grants in laboratory animal science:

Standard Grants (for up to $50,000) are awarded for research proposals that have solid scientific merit, which may include preliminary data or other published data.

Small Grants (for up to $7,500) are awarded for research proposals that:

  • answer a compelling scientific question but require only a small scale study;
  • provide pilot data for future funding proposals;
  • are proof-of-principle studies; or
  • generate data that will likely guide management or technical practices within the animal facility.
  • Highly innovative proposals are encouraged.

AALAS invites members to apply to the GLAS program!

The principal investigator must be an AALAS member, but not the co-investigators.

Technicians and veterinary residents are encouraged to apply!

Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with other research scientists.

Using This Tutorial

Use this tutorial as a guide for success! 

  • Read about the different application sections.
  • Learn from the examples.
  • Use the strategy for success.
  • Learn about the application review process.
  • Follow the submission instructions.

To proceed, click each section in the Application Tutorial menu (at left). A survey for feedback on this tutorial is offered on the last screen. Your comments will be appreciated!

Best wishes on this commendable endeavor!