Provide a solid rationale for use of the GLAS funds!

Provide a detailed, justified budget consistent with the statement of work. Include research study costs (in US dollars) to be incurred during the grant’s use, all items requested for funding, and all items to be paid by other sources/consultants. Itemize all donated services, including volunteers, where appropriate. The GLAS program does not pay indirect or overhead costs. 

The Standard Grant program discourages, in general, salary support and such a request requires detailed justification. Salaries for full-time faculty and staff are discouraged. Consulting fees, e.g., for statisticians are acceptable. AALAS reserves the right to negotiate significant salary requests in proportion to the grant total request. No more than $1,000 may be budgeted for travel to make a presentation on the results of the study at the AALAS National Meeting.

  • Maximum total budget: $50,000.

The Small Grant program does not cover salaries, facilities, equipment, or travel. Consulting fees, e.g., for statisticians are acceptable.

  • Maximum total budget: $7,500.

Note: The application will be reviewed for the benefit in outcomes relative to the proposed costs; therefore, every aspect of the budget requires justification.