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IACUC Forum is a listserv where Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) members, administrators, and other staff can ask questions, compare notes, hear about the latest regulatory training opportunities, and more. 

IACUC-FORUM is a closed listserv where issues relating to laboratory animal research may be discussed privately among members. The contact person for the institutional member organization will be the "gatekeeper" for their members and provide AALAS with the names to be added or deleted from the listserv. 

If you're an AALAS Institutional contact person, you can now sign up your IACUC members for this valuable resource. Download the application form here  

Frequently Asked Questions

IACUC-FORUM is a discussion forum for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) on IACUC matters. This page describes essential policies and features of this listserv. 


IACUC-FORUM is a free member service of AALAS. IACUC-FORUM provides a discussion platform for those involved in IACUCs. AALAS has no control over what is posted on IACUC-FORUM and disclaims any responsibility in these areas. When you subscribe to IACUC-FORUM, you agree not to hold the host organization, AALAS, liable for any actions or consequences resulting from the contents of postings or from contacts made through the mailing list. Complete discretion is reserved by the list owner (AALAS) to remove any user from this list. Your Institutional Contact Person's completed subscription application indicates your acceptance of these terms. 

IACUC-FORUM is an AALAS Member Benefit. 

This is a closed listserv and AALAS is the final authority regarding the operation of the listserv. IACUC-FORUM is a member benefit for current AALAS Institutional Members. There are no fees for this service; it is included as part of your Institutional Membership dues. Current Institutional Contact Persons may enroll their IACUC members and IACUC staff on IACUC-FORUM. The Institutional Contact Person is required to notify in advance any IACUC member whom they intend to add to the IACUC-FORUM listserv. The IACUC members and IACUC staff who have access to the listserv are not required to be members of AALAS for the purposes of this listserv. Only individuals directly related to the IACUC are eligible to have access to the listserv. The Institutional Contact Person serves as the gatekeeper for the Institutional Member and is the only individual authorized to add or remove individuals from the IACUC-FORUM listserv.

How do I join the IACUC-FORUM mailing list?

SUBSCRIBE: To subscribe to the list, please contact your institutional contact person and request participation on the IACUC-FORUM list. If you are unsure of who your institutional contact person is, please contact AALAS at info@aalas.org and AALAS will ask your institutional contact person to contact you.

Who is on the IACUC-FORUM mailing list?

IACUC-FORUM is a member benefit for AALAS Institutional Members. Current institutional members may enroll their IACUC members and IACUC staff on IACUC-FORUM; the IACUC members who have access to the listserv are not required to be members of AALAS for the purposes of this listserv. Only individuals directly related to the IACUC are eligible to have access to the listserv.

Eligibility for subscription to IACUC-FORUM are limited to the following at AALAS Member Institutions: IACUC Administrators & Staff; IACUC members (full); IACUC members (ex officio). It is not necessary that the individuals themselves be members of AALAS; however, the institutional contact person (gatekeeper) must be a current member of AALAS.

What is the operating philosophy of the IACUC-FORUM

The philosophy of the IACUC-FORUM is to promote a conversation among individuals concerned about and involved in IACUCs. IACUC-FORUM strives to create an atmosphere for open and uncoerced conversation about issues of mutual interest to the subscribers. Its subscribers should respect the opinions of others on the list and maintain a professional tone in the messages sent to the list.

The list-owner of IACUC-FORUM reserves the right to exclude anyone from IACUC-FORUM for any reason.

What about privacy?

Emails from IACUC-FORUM cannot be copied or excerpted for use out of IACUC-FORUM and for distribution outside of an institution's IACUC, unless permission is first granted by the author(s) of that email. This includes both the initial email query and all replies that may be appended to it in the body of that message. Furthermore, no copy or excerpt of an IACUC-FORUM email can be used in copyrightable materials without permission from AALAS and the author(s) of the specific IACUC-FORUM emails. Violations of this policy may result in unsubscription.

How do I send messages to the IACUC-FORUM mailing list?

To send a message to everyone on the IACUC-FORUM list, simply address your email to: IACUC-FORUM@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG 

About automatic replies to IACUC-FORUM

Please note that replies are automatically sent back to the IACUC-FORUM mailing list. That is, the automatic reply address is also IACUC-FORUM@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG. Thus, all messages sent to the list are distributed to all subscribers.

As a result, it is imperative to use your automatic reply button only for those messages that are appropriate for the general mailing list, i.e., all subscribers of IACUC-FORUM. When your reply should be sent privately to a message author, be sure to manually insert the author's email address into the "Reply" field. Checking the addressee in your message before you press the "Send" button will prevent your making a common reply error in listservs.

To avoid another common reply error, please read the QA "Out of Office" messages.

Is IACUC-FORUM a "moderated" list?

No. Although all discussions are monitored and AALAS will step in to resolve disputes, AALAS normally will not "edit" or "censor" anyone's messages to the list. Any messages sent to the IACUC-FORUM list are immediately and irrevocably passed along to all the list's participants as soon as they are received.

In other words, you accept the responsibility for your own actions if you accidentally or mistakenly post a message to the list or repost a message from the list. The host and list owner, who technically owns the compilation copyrights to the IACUC-FORUM list, reserve the rights to set individual users to "review" or "read-only" status or to remove any user from IACUC-FORUM at their discretion. Your participation on the list indicates your acceptance of these terms.

Any concerns or comments will be addressed by AALAS' Communications Committee.

How do I find old IACUC-FORUM messages (i.e., archives)?

All contributions to this list are automatically archived in log files. You can obtain the available archive files by sending e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and in the body of the message, enter the command:INDEX IACUC-FORUM

You will receive a list of available files.To retrieve a specific monthly log file, send e-mail to:  LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and in the body of the message, enter the command:GET IACUC-FORUM LOGyymm (yymm representing the year and month, e.g., for August of 2001, write LOG0108)

Too many messages! Is there a "Digest" form of IACUC-FORUM?

Some people opt to get the DIGEST version of IACUC-FORUM. That is, rather than receiving each e-mail message individually as it is posted, you can elect to receive one message a day with all that day's message traffic included. To switch to the DIGEST form of IACUC-FORUM, send e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and in the body of the message, enter the command: SET IACUC-FORUM DIGEST

From that point on, the messages from IACUC-FORUM will be sent to you in one file starting the next day. The advantage is only a single file needs to be sent and all those messages are neatly bound together in a "magazine" (digest) format.

Depending on your email software, you can also send another message to the listserv with the command: SET IACUC-FORUM MIME With that parameter turned on, you can more easily view individual messages within the DIGEST. Otherwise, you will get one contiguous message. 

If you change your mind and want to receive individual messages again, send e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG with the following command in the body of the message: SET IACUC-FORUM MAIL

"Out of Office" messages

Please note that automatic replies to IACUC-FORUM messages are sent back to the list, i.e., to IACUC-FORUM@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG.

When you are on vacation, etc., and wish to have your email send an "OUT OF OFFICE" notice by automatic reply, do not set your email feature to the auto-reply address of the incoming message. If you do that, every subscriber in IACUC-FORUM will receive your "OUT OF OFFICE" notice every time someone writes to the list.

Instead, set your email to send these automatic messages to the author only. If your email does not allow you to reply to the author, then please either do NOT use the feature for automatic reply messages OR temporarily suspend your IACUC-FORUM messages while you are out of the office (See next item).

How can I temporarily suspend IACUC-FORUM mail (vacations, etc.)?

To temporarily suspend IACUC-FORUM mail, but remain on the list, send e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and in the body of the message, enter the command: SET IACUC-FORUM NOMAIL

This will suspend your mail delivery, but keep you from having to resubscribe to the list. Please note that "NOMAIL" is one word! To resume mail service, send e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and in the body of the message, enter the command: SET IACUC-FORUM MAIL

How can I determine what my current setting options are?

If you wish to see your current IACUC-FORUM mail settings, send e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and in the body of the message, enter the command: QUERY IACUC-FORUM

How can I see messages that I post to the list?

If you wish to see a copy of your own postings to the list, send e-mail to:  LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG  and in the body of the message, enter the command: SET IACUC-FORUM REPRO

How do I unsubscribe from IACUC-FORUM?

You may leave the list at any time by sending the following command to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and in the body of the message, enter the command: SIGNOFF IACUC-FORUM

After you have signed off of the IACUC-FORUM list please be sure to contact your institutional contact person so they are made aware.

*** NOTE ***

The SIGNOFF command should NEVER be sent to the mailing list address (IACUC-FORUM@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG), but to the administrative listserver address (LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG). If you have problems unsubscribing, send a message to IACUC-FORUM-REQUEST@LISTSERV.AALAS.ORG and someone will help you. This scenario can happen if your email address changes and the listserv software no longer recognizes you.

Is there an associated website for more resources?

Yes. For additional information, links, and news please refer to the IACUC webpage.

How do I become a member of AALAS?

You can find all the information you need on becoming a member of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) at its web-site: https://www.aalas.org/membership or e-mail: info@aalas.org.