Austria - Federal Act on the Protection of Animals (PDF) includes English translation, 2014.

Australia - Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, Department of Agriculture and Water Resource

Australian government, National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, 8th edition 2013 (the Code)

Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC): Standards, Principles, and Guidelines

Chile - Statute: Protection of Animals (PDF), 2009, in Spanish

Egypt - Penal CodeFatwa for Animals

European Animal Research Association (EARA)

European Union - Information from the European Commission, including the European Directive Caring for Animals (PDF), Statutory Instruments: S.I. No. 543 of 2012 (PDF)

France - The French Strategy for Animal Welfare

India - Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA)

India - India: Legislation & Animal Welfare Oversight,, 2011

Japan - Guidelines for Proper Conduct of Animal Experiments (PDF), 2006

Japan - Japan: Legislation & Animal Welfare Oversight,, 2011

Korea - Animal Protection Law, 2007

Netherlands: (For English, use the Chrome browser and the Translate option.)

Queensland, Australia - The Animal Care and Protection Act

Queensland, Australia - Department of Agriculture and Fisheries: Using Animals for Scientific Purposes

Singapore National Advisory Committee for Laboratory Animal Research (NACLAR)

South Africa - South African Medical Research Council, 2004, Guidelines on Ethics for Medical Research, Book Three (PDF): Use of Animals in Research and Training

Thailand - Research animals for scientific purposes in Thailand: (PDF) Ethics & policies, The National Research Council of Thailand, 2007

United Kingdom - Home Office webpage with information on requirements, licenses, and regulation

Useful Reference: International Animal Research Regulations: Impact on Neuroscience Research: Workshop Summary