AALAS Leadership Information and Resources

The AALAS Board of Trustees (BOT) is the policy-making and legislative body of AALAS. It is the Board's overall responsibility to establish a clear strategic direction and set policy for the common good. It meets [at least] twice a year, one of which is its Annual Session, in conjunction with the National Meeting. The other(s) are as arranged and approved by the BOT annually. The Board of Trustees employs the Executive Director. Trustees [and Alternate Trustees] are elected by a plurality vote.

The Executive Committee (EC), a committee of the BOT, comprises the BOT officers; AALAS legal counsel and the executive director serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. The EC develops the agenda for the BOT and reviews Action Resolutions. As the Finance Committee, the EC reviews a draft annual budget as prepared by staff and the secretary/treasurer, then submits the proposed budget to the BOT for consideration and approval; reviews investment policies as needed and recommends revisions to the BOT.  

The AALAS Goals, Objectives & Tasks  (strategic plan) is carried out by AALAS committees. Committees include standing and ad hoc committees, boards (other than the board of Trustees), and advisory councils. Committee chairs are appointed by the Vice President to serve during his/her term as President. Vice chairs are appointed by the Vice President-Elect to serve during his/her term as Vice President. The Vice President makes member appointments to fill any vacancies that will occur during his/her term as Presient.

Committees, boards (other than the Board of Trustees) and advisory councils are required to file reports for the Board of Trustees to review at every formal business session. These reports provide an update for tasks assigned to committees and may include recommendations to the Board of Trustees for future tasks. Report forms may be found on the Committee Information page.

Requests for Board of Trustee (BOT) action and/or funding are submitted on a standard Action Resolution(AR) form . To become official policy, all committee and board recommendations must be approved by the Board of Trustees. AALAS committees, boards, and staff can originate ARs. Any member in good standing who wishes to submit an AR to the BOT must secure a sponsor from the BOT to assist with drafting the AR and to present it to the BOT for consideration.