New Membership Dues Structure Effective January 1, 2017

In 2015, AALAS appointed an Ad Hoc committee to study various association membership structures and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees.  AALAS retained McKinley Advisors to study the association’s current membership model and recommend changes to strengthen the structure and ensure long-term viability for the organization.

The project has included an analysis of current AALAS membership data, conversations with the Membership Ad Hoc Committee on options to explore, telephone interviews with members representing various segments of the laboratory animal science market, and a broad electronic survey to measure factors such as price sensitivity and interest in various benefits that AALAS offers. Data collected and analyzed in earlier phases of the project led to a modeling phase, where McKinley tested various membership scenarios and projected future membership and revenue trends based on the potential changes that were under consideration.

At the District Caucus meetings held during the 2015 National Meeting, the draft membership proposal was introduced and feedback gathered by Trustees to provide input to the Membership Committee. Earlier in 2016, the revised Membership Structure Proposal and Study were posted on the AALAS website with the option to provide additional feedback.

On June 2, 2016, the AALAS Board of Trustees approved the new structure, which goes into effect on January 1, 2017 for those Institutional, Commercial, and Affiliate organizations that have renewal dates on or after January 1, 2017. Below is a summary of the changes:

Individual Memberships Apply

The US domestic individual membership dues increased slightly to $45 for Bronze, $95 for Silver, and $190 for Gold.  International individual membership dues are now $55 for Bronze, $115 for Silver, and $215 for Gold.

G|S|B   Discount for National Meeting registration
G|S|B   Discount on AALAS Learning Library subscription fees
G|S|B   Discounts on purchases from the AALAS Store
G|S|B   Free participation in the AALAS Technician Certification Registry
G|S|B   Reduced fees for certification exams
G|S|B   National Meeting Preliminary Program
G|S|B   Access to members-only pages on the AALAS site
G|S|B   Access to the AALAS Community Exchange
G|S|B   All voting privileges
G|S|B  Laboratory Animal Science Professional  magazine
G|S      Subscription to JAALAS, our association journal
G        Leadership and Committee Resource Directory
G         Subscription to Comparative Medicine, our award-winning journal

Institutional Memberships Apply

US Domestic Institutional $375 fee & International Institutional $420 fee include:

  • One Gold & one Silver membership
  • Discounts on all products, services and meeting registrations
  • Volume discounts for additional memberships as shown below. Discounts applies to any combination of  membership levels.
0-10 / No discount
11-20 / 5% discount
21-50 / 10% discount
51-75 / 15% discount
76+ / 20% discount

Commercial Membership:

New are two options for Commercial Membership

$600 US Domestic Base Membership/ $640 International Base Membership Apply

  • One Silver & two Bronze memberships
  • $300 discount for exhibiting at the National Meeting
  • Registration discount for the National Meeting
  • Opportunity to rent the membership mailing list
  • One priority point for booth location at the National Meeting
  • Volume discounts for additional memberships (same as institutional volume discounts)

$870 US Domestic Premium Membership/ $985 International Premium Membership Apply

  • One Gold, two Silver & five Bronze memberships
  • $400 discount for exhibiting at the National Meeting
  • Registration discount for the National Meeting
  • Opportunity to rent electronic membership list up to three times per year
  • Opportunity to rent the membership mailing list
  • Five priority points for booth location at the National Meeting
  • Access to Partner e-community and/or preferred housing registration opportunities for National Meeting
  • Highlighted listing in the National Meeting program and app
  • Volume discounts for additional memberships (same as institutional volume discounts)

Affiliate Membership Apply

$350 for nonprofit organizations or groups seeking affiliate status. Benefits include:

  • One Gold membership
  • Free booth space at the AALAS National Meeting
  • Invitation to attend/observe the BOT Annual Session at the National Meeting and to submit a written report for all BOT Business Sessions
  • Assistance by AALAS staff to exhibit, educate, and meet at the AALAS National Meeting
  • An invitation to attend the Affiliate meeting held annually at the AALAS National Meeting.
  • Availability of for-fee support services through the AALAS national office
  • Rental of AALAS’ mailing list.
  • Web site link listed on the Affiliate and Related Organizations page on the AALAS site.

Global Partner Membership  Apply

$400 for approved international individual membership associations with a purpose consistent with AALAS’ mission. (No changes recommended.)

  • Includes all benefits of Affiliate membership plus.
  • Access to the AALAS Learning Library and AALAS educational products at the member discounted rate.
  • One complimentary AALAS National Meeting registration.
  • An invitation to participate in the International Exchange held at the National Meeting .
  • Members of the Global Partner Affiliate association can register for AALAS conferences at the AALAS member rate.