Affiliate Membership

Dues $250 Apply 

An organization or group with a purpose consistent with AALAS’ mission may apply for affiliation by submitting the application form to the AALAS national office for formal approval by the Board of Trustees (BOT) at one of its scheduled meetings; see the Leadership section of the AALAS website for upcoming meeting dates. Application must include a copy of the organizational documents, e.g., mission statement and constitution and bylaws. Affiliate status is authorized by a two-thirds vote of the BOT.


  1. Complimentary individual membership.
  2. Eligibility for free booth space at the AALAS National Meeting.
  3. An invitation to attend/observe the BOT Annual Session at the National Meeting and to submit a written report for all BOT Business Sessions.
  4. Assistance by AALAS staff to exhibit, educate, and meet at the AALAS National Meeting.
  5. An invitation to attend the Affiliate meeting held annually at the AALAS National Meeting.
  6. Availability of for-fee support services through the AALAS national office.
  7. Rental of AALAS' mailing list.
  8. Web site link listed on the ~Affiliate and Related Organizations page on the AALAS site.