Institutional Membership


Any educational or research facility/institution, government or civilian, whose interests are promoted or aided by interaction with the AALAS scientific/educational community may apply for institutional membership in AALAS.

US Domestic Institutional membership is $430 &

International Institutional membership is $485.

Institutional Membership includes:

  • One Gold & one Silver membership
  • Discounts on the following: AALAS Store products, AALAS Learning Library group subscription fees, certification exams, and meeting registrations.
  • Access to the AALAS Community Exchange
  • Free participation in the AALAS Mentor/Mentee program
  • For a fee the use of the AALAS Mailing List
  • Volume discounts for additional memberships as shown below. Discounts applies to any combination of  membership levels.

Changes may be made to the institutional member's record in instances of an employee's termination or resignation except for the 60 days preceding the AALAS National Meeting. Discounts are determined at the time of renewal.

0-10 / No discount
11-20 / 5% discount
21-50 / 10% discount
51-75 / 15% discount
76+ / 20% discount