Institutional Membership


Any educational or research facility/institution, government or civilian, whose interests are promoted or aided by interaction with the AALAS scientific/educational community may apply for institutional membership in AALAS.

US Domestic Institutional $375 fee & International Institutional $420 fee include:

  • One Gold & one Silver membership
  • Discounts on the following: AALAS Store products, AALAS Learning Library group subscription fees, certification exams, and meeting registrations.
  • Access to the AALAS Community Exchange
  • For a fee the use of the AALAS Mailing List
  • Volume discounts for additional memberships as shown below. Discounts applies to any combination of  membership levels.

0-10 / No discount
11-20 / 5% discount
21-50 / 10% discount
51-75 / 15% discount
76+ / 20% discount