The safety, security, and privacy of AALAS members, vendors, and customers remain a top priority for the AALAS Board of Trustees and staff. The following policies and activities illustrate AALAS' commitment to security.

  1. Direct marketing to AALAS members is only allowed by Commercial Members, Institutional Members, AALAS Branches, and Affiliated Organizations of AALAS. AALAS does not allow the rental of member e-mail addresses.
  2. Only a current, logged-in member has access to the member database and certain proprietary information on the AALAS website.
  3. AALAS contracts with a professional security company to create a safe atmosphere for the National Meeting and other AALAS programs.
  4. National Meeting exhibitors are required to sign and adhere to a "Use of Animals in Biomedical Research" position statement. This ensures that exhibiting companies and organizations do not promote messages or products that conflict with AALAS' mission.
  5. AALAS reserves the right to deny National Meeting registration to individuals or groups that are affiliated with organizations that oppose the beliefs and mission of AALAS.
  6. When a speaker consents to being recorded, AALAS records educational sessions at the National Meeting. If such consent is not received, that educational session is not recorded.

Conference/Travel Security

Despite the biomedical research industries’ best intentions to advance human, animal, and environmental health, animal rights activists and other special interest groups will oppose its efforts. Activists committed to extremist political or philosophical views will always be a threat to those working in the animal research industry. These risks may be managed by knowing the risks, taking simple precautions, and constantly being aware of your surroundings.

  •  Avoid wearing clothing or carrying articles that are emblazoned with company logos when outside of the conference site, as activists will be able to readily identify an individual and their respective company. Remove and secure conference badges once outside the venue.
  • Confirm with the hotel that they are not to provide any personal information to callers who do not know your room number.
  • Do not open your hotel room to unknown, unsolicited inquiries. When in doubt, contact the front desk.
  • If at all possible, stay in groups when away from the hotel and make sure you have a charged mobile phone.
  • Exercise caution when speaking with unknown individuals outside the conference area and travel in groups when possible. Do not give your business card to anyone unknown to you without getting one of theirs first.
  • Use taxis that you choose, not ones that choose you.
  • Never let a stranger use your mobile phone.
  • Trust your instincts. If a person, location, situation, taxi, or individual does not seem right, remove yourself from the area. Do not jeopardize your security for convenience!


  • If confronted by demonstrators, do not engage, attempt to photograph, or enter into discussion with them.
  • Conceal your name tag and quickly move to a safe area.
  • Notify security/police of the presence of demonstrators unless it is clear their presence is already known.

Suspicious Activity

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times!
  • Challenge people who do not seem like they belong. Report suspicious people, vehicles, and especially individuals taking photographs, sitting on the perimeter for any period of time, or asking too many questions. Make notes if necessary in order to provide a good description.
  • Be cautious of anyone requesting information over the phone. If you are unsure of the caller, ask for a contact number and tell the person they will be called back.
  • Instruct family members not to reveal any personal information including confirming your place of employment, activities, and schedule.