Education Sessions   

The National Meeting educational program includes six different presentation types:

Seminars are lecture-style educational sessions, usually two hours and forty-five minutes long, which address a single subject. These sessions generally have a seminar leader and several speakers; this format allows for discussion among the speakers and the audience.

Platform sessions revolve around a unified theme, but feature 15-minute presentations by a succession of speakers, each developing a different aspect of the overall theme. They typically run for a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Workshops are "hands-on" sessions, usually running for a half-day. Enrollment for workshops is limited by the size of the facility. There is an extra charge for each workshop, and separate registration is required.

Panel discussions use the leader-panel format, with (usually) a single leader acting as the coordinator for a panel of up to six participants.

Poster sessions provide an alternative opportunity for presenting scientific or technical information at the National Meeting. Authors are expected to be present to discuss their posters during a set period of time.

Technical Trade Presentations are 15-minute, informal talks given by representatives of exhibiting companies. These are not sales pitches; the goal is to share tips and information about new technology and products in the industry. Only one presentation per company will be accepted. All topics are reviewed and approved by the Exhibitor Advisory Council.

Recordings of Educational Sessions

Please remember that cameras and recording devices are not permitted in the exhibit hall or education rooms. Session recordings will be available for purchase through AALAS On Demand.