AALAS Media Guidelines

AALAS Media Guidelines and Press Badge Application Form 


The official spokesperson for the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) is the President. The AALAS Executive Director or Associate Executive Director serve as first contacts for the media, while Media Liaisons accompany media.

Definition of Media 

A member of the media is anyone engaged in the acquisition of news with the intent of disseminating it through legitimate and recognized mediums. Recognized mediums used to disseminate news and information include TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, books, documentary film/video productions, the Internet, and various wireless delivery formats. Only individuals engaged in these activities will be recognized as “working journalists” and permitted limited access to AALAS media events if granted a press badge from AALAS.

Privileges of a Press Badge

Press badges are required for authorized media representatives. AALAS is under no obligation to grant a press badge to anyone not deemed to fall within these published guidelines. Press badges do not permit unrestricted access to education sessions or the exhibit floor.

Media Professionalism

Unprofessional activities will not be tolerated. Unprofessional activities include any behavior deemed disruptive to attendees, speakers, and AALAS operations or personnel and any behavior deemed unlawful. All media representatives granted press badges must agree to these ground rules in writing by signing the “AALAS Press Badge Application Form.” All accredited media must also agree to abide by safety and security rules established by AALAS. Failure to do so may result in revocation of press badges.

Requirements for Media

A media representative must be employed by or performing work on behalf of such news-gathering organizations as: newspapers, magazines, trade newsletters, television or radio stations, independent production companies or Internet news sites. (Individuals not employed by such organizations will be considered freelancer.)

Requests for press badges must be submitted via the “AALAS Press Badge Application Form” 48 hours in advance. These requests should be sent to the attention of the AALAS Associate Executive Director.

Press badges may be granted to representatives of television, radio and print media if the requesting organization is listed in a commonly accepted media directory such as Working Press of the Nation, Bacon’s International Media Directory, the Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media, or Editor and Publisher’s Annual Yearbook.

Additional Requirements

(A) Foreign Nationals
Citizens of countries other than the United States who represent any U.S. or foreign media organization must submit in writing the same information required of U.S. citizens and a passport number. Foreign nationals requesting press badges must have their affiliate organization listed with the Washington Foreign Press Center. Otherwise, they may be authorized at AALAS’ discretion.

(B) Freelancers
Freelancers on assignment from a media organization will be considered “working press” as defined in Section II and granted accreditation if requirements in Section V are met. Freelancers who are not on assignment from a media organization will not be granted a press badge.

(C) Non-qualifying Publications
Media representatives from these type of publications will not be granted press badges: circulars with content limited to advertising; local community service group, hobby, or social group fliers; and nontraditional and alternative media.


Access to facilities: For safety, security and programmatic reasons, access may be limited. An AALAS Media Liaison will accompany media at all times.

Access to AALAS speakers: The AALAS Executive Director or Associate Executive Director will make every reasonable effort to honor media requests for interviews with AALAS officials and/or speakers.

Photography and Filming: Photography and filming is not allowed in the Exhibit Hall or education sessions. As a courtesy to attendees, we request their permission to be photographed or filmed.

Violation of Agreement

Accredited media representatives must respect and abide by AALAS policies. Failure to do so may result in revocation of AALAS press badges. Individuals who violate AALAS Safety or Security policies will not be granted access.

Emergency or Contingency Situations

The safety of AALAS attendees, media representatives and personnel are the highest priority, and media representatives must follow instructions from AALAS personnel and AALAS security officials. Failure to do so may result in suspension or permanent revocation of AALAS press badges. In the event of a contingency where a large number of media seek accreditation within a short period of time, or during very high profile events that will see a very high media attendance, AALAS reserves the right to limit access per organization. Written accreditation requirements may be waived in a contingency situation and requests placed by phone or e-mail for periods of time if convenient for AALAS and the media.
Resource Management

Regarding requests involving extensive use of AALAS personnel and resources, AALAS reserves the right to deny requests for press badges if AALAS is unable to fulfill the request due to insufficient resources or personnel.