Opening General Session/General Membership Meeting

This popular feature provides an opportunity for all meeting attendees to meet and mingle before the education and business sessions begin. Six professional and technical categories are also recognized each year at the AALAS National Meeting for excellence in the field of laboratory animal science. For more information on these awards, click here. The combined Opening General Session and General Membership Meeting takes place on Sunday, October 13, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Colorado Convention Center's Bellco Theatre

In addition, your association leaders will report on the many achievements of the past year, as well as plans for the future. You will also have a chance to mingle with the Board of Trustees and learn about the latest AALAS Foundation activities.

The meeting will close with the Gavel Ceremony, in which 2019 AALAS President Morag Mackay will hand the position over to 2020 AALAS President, Tracy Parker. A drawing will be held immediately after this ceremony, and five attendees will win a $200 cash prize; attendees must be present to win.

Keynote Speaker

The 2019 Keynote Speaker is Dr. Guy Palmer. Dr. Palmer will present, "One Health: Moving from Concept to Global Impact."

In this presentation, he will focus on how the broader One Health concept can be brought to address “wicked problems”— persistent problems driven by multiple interdependent factors that make them seem impossible to solve. Meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals requires addressing these problems—persistent poverty, food insecurity and hunger, and gender inequality in education and opportunity—among others. Three examples will illustrate the importance of a One Health approach. The first is a classical application of One Health: the elimination of rabies as a cause of human suffering by 2030. Of the 60,000 human deaths each year, half of them in children, 98% are due to dog bites and therefore require an integrated approach of dog vaccination at population scale combined with improved access to post-exposure prophylaxis for victims. The second is the role of the environment in the emergence, maintenance, and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria on both local and global scales. Along with emphasis on development of new antibiotics and improved stewardship of existing antibiotics, mitigation of resistance requires a broad implementation of access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene and enhanced vaccination to reduce the fundamental drivers of antibiotic use on a global scale. The third is how a focus on outcome metrics—what we really hope to achieve—can reveal unexpected connections between intervention and outcomes using the example of household adoption of livestock vaccination resulting in increased access of girls to education.

Welcome Reception

After the Opening General Session/General Membership Meeting all attendees are invited to a Welcome Reception. The Welcome Reception will be held in Lobby D outside the Bellco Theatre and details are TBA.

District Membership Meetings

District membership meetings are conducted by your district trustees, who are members of the AALAS Board of Trustees. They will lead discussion on recent board decisions, issues, policies, and/or procedures. If you’re not sure about the district to which you belong or who your district trustee is, please use this map  for guidance (e.g., individuals living in the state of Texas would be a resident of District 7).

These meetings will be held on Monday, October 14 starting at 5:15 PM. Check your Final Program for room assignments. Because international members of AALAS do not belong to any of the eight districts, they will have a designated meeting room as well and will meet at the same time as the districts.