2021 Kansas City, MO - AALAS Foundation “Swing Into Science” Contest

Celebrate the Monkey!

The monkey has played an important role in COVID-19 research – that’s why, this year, the AALAS Foundation has designed a “Swing Into Science” contest and we are challenging contestants to paint/decorate a wooden 10” monkey– the official wooden monkey and display stand will be shipped to contestants upon registration and payment of entry fee.

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To Enter the Contest

The deadline to enter the contest has passed. Online “voting”/donating for your favorite entry is now open.

Contest Guidelines

  1. Each contestant is required to decorate the officially approved wooden 10” monkey, received from the AALAS Foundation, for entry into the contest:
  2. Any artistic medium may be used on an entry – paint, glue, pencil, ink, paper, staples, textiles
  3. Entries may not include  animal body parts or tissue or replicas thereof.
  4. Photos of all contest entries must be received by the AALAS Foundation before midnight, CST, Monday, October 4, 2021. All entries are subject to review for approval and acceptance into the contest by the Contest Review Committee whose decisions are final. Any entry deemed to contain inappropriate and/or offensive material or content by the Contest Review Committee will be ineligible for entry into the contest and contestant’s $35 registration fee will be refunded.

Prior to the start of the 2021 National Meeting, the public will have an opportunity to go online to judge the entries and “vote” for their favorite entry.  A “vote” is a financial donation to the AALAS Foundation.  Each “vote” requires a minimum $5.00 donation. Online contest “voting” begins Friday, October 1st, 2021 and ends Wednesday, October 20, at 11:00 am CST.

All branches, companies, institutions, and individuals are encouraged to participate. The main goal of this lively event is to help raise funds to support the AALAS Foundation in its mission to educate the public about the importance of biomedical research and the compassionate professionals working in the field of laboratory animal science.

The contest will be conducted via ONLINE ONLY. Contestants are NOT to physically ship their entries to the AALAS Foundation office or bring them with them to the AALAS National Meeting.

How to Win

There are four contest categories: Individual, Corporate/Company, Branch, and Institution/Association. The entry receiving the most “votes”/donations collected on its behalf, within each category, will be determined the category winner.

There will be four category winners – one from each category.

A “Fans’ Favorite” winner will be awarded to the entry receiving the most Facebook “likes” on the AALAS Foundation’s “Swing into Science” Facebook photo gallery by 11:00 am CST, October 20, 2021. Contestants must submit a digital photo of their entry to the AALAS Foundation by October 7, 2021 to be eligible for inclusion in the “Fan Favorite” category of the contest. Winner will be announced at Appreciation Reception to be held October 20, 2021 at AALAS National Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.

A “Best of Show” winner will be selected by members of AALAS Leadership. Winner will be announced at Appreciation Reception to be held October 20, 2021 at AALAS National Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri

Winner Selection

AALAS members, their family and friends may “vote” on behalf of the entry of their choosing. The awarding of “votes” is actually a financial donation to the AALAS Foundation. A winner from each of the four (4) categories will be selected. The entry that receives the most “votes”/donations on its behalf by the end of the contest, Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 11:00 am CST, will be deemed the first place winner of its category.

Optional Entry into AALAS Foundation Virtual Silent Auction

All entrants into the contest may opt to donate their entry into the AALAS Foundation’s silent auction. (Note: By donating an entry into the virtual silent auction, donor agrees to ship their entry donation to the winning bidder at their own cost, at the conclusion of the virtual Silent Auction.

Entries donated to the AALAS Foundation Virtual Silent Auction will be acknowledged as a $5 donation to the AALAS Foundation.

    Swing into Science Contest

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