2015 Mobile App Debuts


AALAS is happy to announce the release of our 2015 mobile app. While the app has launched, please keep in mind content is still being updated and edited. Partnering with one of the leading conference app providers, Crowd Compass, our app will provide users with the following features, plus many more:

  • general meeting information
  • schedule by day, tracks, session type, and speaker
  • posters and platforms
  • exhibitor listings by name and category
  • interactive maps
  • social media access
  • QR scanner
  • speaker listings

Mobile app users can review the National Meeting schedule, bookmark events to attend, set reminders, and create a personalized meeting schedule.

Download Now

Please click here if you are accessing this page on an iOS device or a supported Android device.

The event is also accessible to BlackBerry devices, Windows Phone users, and desktop computers through a web-based version. From this page, a user can access full app content with connectivity to the web. Click here for this version.

Customize Your App
Users will have the option to log in and access even more features, or to use the app from a non-logged in status.

If you choose to log in (requires a password/social media platform login and confirmation), the following additional features are available to help you customize the mobile app into a premier meeting tool:

  • share photos
  • take a note
  • rate a session
  • join the attendee list
  • check in
  • contact share
  • social share

Tech Support

Crowd Compass' support team is available Monday-Friday 24 hours a day and Saturday-Sunday from 9:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m. EST. Call 888-889-3069, option 1 or email support@crowdcompass.com.

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