Gnotobiotic Program Startup and Development


Make plans to attend the Tuesday, June 19 webinar, Strategies for Gnotobiotics Program Startup and Development, from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT. 

The field of gnotobiology has grown substantially in the past decade concomitantly with the rise of microbiome research. Some institutions are establishing centrally-managed gnotobiotics programs for the specialized housing, husbandry, and technical services. In this context, laboratory animal science professionals are often leveraged for their knowledge and expertise in rodent husbandry and care. While similarities exist between the operation of a gnotobiotics program and a standard animal facility, numerous important differences exist. The goal of this webinar is to discuss the core elements of gnotobiotics program and how these systems differ from standard rodent housing. This webinar will discuss elements that can contribute to success in a gnotobiotics program including facility requirements and retrofitting, staff development, managements of costs and labor, and microbiological monitoring.

The webinar presenter is Dr. Alton Sweenes. Dr. Swennes is a veterinarian-scientist whose research focus is gnotobiotic animal models. As Associate Director of Baylor college of Medicine's Center for Comparative Medicine, he is responsible for the Gnotobiotic Rodent facility, which serves as a core resource for campus investigators. There, he has collaborated with researchers to provide in vivo support for studies of the intestinal and extra-intestinal microbiota. This has involved production and maintenance of germ-free rodents, ensuring appropriate study design given the constraints of the gnotobiotic environment, training and overseeing specialized technical staff, and developing and expanding the gnotobiotics infrastructure.

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