Viral Infection of Rats


Make plans now to attend the July 12 webinar, the Viral Infection of Rats. The webinar will be held from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM CT.

The impact, susceptibility, and prevalence of viral infections of rats have the potential to rise as a result of the greater production of genetically engineered rats, for example with CRISPR technology. Greater infection risks may occur from genetic changes themselves or by globally sharing unique rats from noncommercial sources. Among known viral infections of rats, serological surveys indicate that parvoviruses, coronaviruses, cardioviruses, and pneumoviruses are the most prevalent in laboratory colonies. A new polyomavirus and a new cardiovirus that cause disease in laboratory rats have been reported. Furthermore, advances in genomics have enabled screening for previously unknown viral infections. Recent metagenomic analyses of feces or intestinal contents of wild rats detected previously unknown viruses that could potentially cause infections in laboratory rats. This webinar will provide an update on longstanding as well as newly recognized viral infections of rats.

The presenter is James Macy, DVM, DACLAM. Dr. Macy received his DVM form the University of Georgia and earned his board certification as DACLAM. He joined Yale University in 1992 as a postdoctoral fellow. Currently, he is professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs in the Department of Comparative Medicine and Director of the Animal Resources Center at Yale University. Dr. Macy has published many articles on laboratory animal science, including rodent virology. His most recent contribution is to a chapter on Viral Diseases in the third edition of The Laboratory Rat.

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