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The March webinar, Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Ergonomics Program, will be on Thursday, March 21, 2019 from 12:00 to 1:30 pm CT.

This webinar will identify the:

  • Risk factors for musculoskeletal injury and discomfort caused by physically demanding, highly repetitive tasks in the vivarium environment
  • Advantages of a participatory ergonomics program
  • Steps needed to launch a successful vivarium ergonomics improvement program

Vivarium jobs are typically physically demanding and highly repetitive, leading to discomfort and work-related injuries. Many vivariums seek ways to reduce these hazards but often find their efforts unsuccessful. This webinar is designed to give participants the basic knowledge needed to begin to implement an effective and sustainable ergonomic improvement program. Using examples of common vivarium job tasks, the webinar will review the risk factors for musculoskeletal injury in vivarium workers and the steps to launch a successful program. Making changes in a fast-paced vivarium environment is often difficult especially when staff have done the job the same way for a long time. This webinar will introduce a participatory ergonomic approach to engage the staff in overcoming this challenge.

The presenter is Terry Snyder. Snyder received degrees in electrical and biomedical engineering form Case Western Reserve University in 1977. During eleven years at Hewlett Packard Medical Division, Ms. Snyder worked in R&D, marketing, and manufacturing where she focused on human factors engineering. In 1988, Ms. Snyder completed an MBA at Simmons Graduate School of Management, and started the consulting firm of P.S. Associates. For more and 25 years, Ms. Snyder has consulted to clients in healthcare, manufacturing, life sciences, research labs and universities, providing ergonomic consulting to vivariums for over 12 years. Ms. Snyder is Green Belt certified by the Institute of Industrial Engineers in Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare. She has presented programs on ergonomics in the vivarium environment for the MA Society of Medical Research and AALAS and is the lead author of an AALAS Technical Training Short on vivarium ergonomics. Your can read more about Ms. Snyder's publications and presentations at

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