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Guest editors Dr Mark A Suckow, DACLAM, and Dr Patricia V Turner, DACLAM assembled this Special Topic issue of Comparative Medicine. Dr Mark Suckow is an Associate Vice President for Research, and Attending Veterinarian at the University of Kentucky. Dr Pat Turner is the Corporate Vice President of Global Animal Welfare with Charles River. An introduction and a summary of the articles included in this issue are in their guest editorial.

A link to the articles is available on Fast Track found here: Access to full-text articles is available to members only. Articles will become public 6 months after publication. Comparative Medicine is published 6 times a year. Dr Linda Toth is the editor in chief and Dr Ravi Tolwani of The Rockefeller University is the associate editor. The types of articles are Case Study, Research Report, Overview, and Letter to the Editor. As of January 1, 2019, we do not accept single-animal case reports for review.

Pain as a Clinical Factor and Experimental Variable in Research Rodents
Mark A Suckow, and Patricia V Turner

Ethical and IACUC Considerations Regarding Analgesia and Pain Management in Laboratory Rodents
Larry Carbone

A Review of Pain Assessment Methods in Laboratory Rodents
Patricia V Turner, Daniel SJ Pang, and Jennifer LS Lofgren

Clinical Management of Pain in Rodents
Patricia L Foley, Lon V Kendall and Patricia V Turner

A Review of Strain and Sex Differences in Response to Pain and Analgesia in Mice
Jennifer C Smith

Influence of Pain and Analgesia on Cancer Research Studies
Douglas K Taylor

Defining and Managing Pain in Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury Research
Christina M Larson, George L Wilcox, and Carolyn A Fairbanks

A Review of the Effects of Pain and Analgesia on Immune System Function and Inflammation: Relevance for Preclinical Studies
George J DeMarco and Elizabeth A Nunamaker

Influence of Pain and Analgesia on Orthopedic and Wound-healing Models in Rats and Mice
Monika K Huss, Stephen A Felt, and Cholawat Pacharinsak

The Influence of Pain and Analgesia in Rodent Models of Sepsis
Kelsey C Carpenter, John M Hakenjos, Christopher D Fry, and Jean A Nemzek

The Study of Pain in Rats and Mice
Christina M Larson, George L Wilcox, and Carolyn A Fairbanks

Interacting Influences of Sleep, Pain, and Analgesic Medications on Sleep Studies in Rodents
Linda A Toth

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