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Below is a list of articles featured in our next issue of Comparative Medicine. A link to the articles is available on Fast Track found here: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/aalas/cm. Access to the full-text articles is available to members only. Articles will become public 6 months after publication.

Comparative Medicine is published 6 times a year. Dr Linda Toth is the editor in chief and Dr Ravi Tolwani of The Rockefeller University is the associate editor. The types of articles accepted are Case Study, Research Report, Overview, and Letter to the Editor. As of January 1, 2019, we do not accept single-animal case reports for review.

Letter to the editor
Clinical Management of Pain in Rodents

Original Research

Betamethasone Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis in Gut Microbiota Transplanted Mice
Karina P Debes, Nathalie A Evdina, Ann Laigaard, Julie M Larsen, Line F Zachariassen, Camilla H F Hansen, and Axel K Hansen

Lack of Effect of Murine Norovirus Infection on the CD4+CD45RBhigh T-cell Adoptive Transfer Mouse Model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Charlie C Hsu, Karuna Patil, Audrey Seamons, Thea L Brabb, Piper M Treuting, Jisun Paik, Stacey M Meeker, and Lillian Maggio-Price

Role of the δ-Opioid Receptor in 2 Murine Models of Colitis
Tia R Bobo, Leo R Fitzpatrick, Tiffany L Whitcomb, Timothy K Cooper, Sorana Raiciulescu, and Jill P Smith

Effect of Feeding Hay on Nonesterified Fatty Acids in Appetite-suppressed Pregnant New Zealand White Rabbits
Jesse W Veenstra, Adam J Filgo, and Steven C Denham

Evaluation of Peripheral Blood Markers as Early Endpoint Criteria in Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus) when Testing Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidates
Wendy R Williams, JoLynn Troudt, Elizabeth Creissen, Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Matthew S Johnston, Lon V Kendall, and Angelo A Izzo

Effective Prophylactic Therapy for Exposure to Monkey B Virus (Macacine alphaherpesvirus 1)
Lara K Maxwell, Darla H Black, George E Wright, Melanie A Breshears, and Richard Eberle

Transcriptomic Analysis of Cell-free Fetal RNA in the Amniotic Fluid of Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus sabaeus)
Anna J Jasinska, Dalar Rostamian, Ashley T Davis, and Kylie Kavanagh

In vitro and In vivo Susceptibility of Baboons (Papio sp.) to Infection with and Apparent Antibody Reactivity to Simian Betaretrovirus (SRV)
JoAnn L Yee, Richard F Grant, Koen K A Van Rompay, Jeffrey A Roberts, LaRene Kuller, Jesse L Cunningham, Joe H Simmons, and James F Papin

Case Studies

Spontaneous Pituitary Adenomas in Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)
Gregory J Daggett Jr, Jennifer S Wood, Sanjeev Gumber, and Christopher J Pinelli

Cranial Vena Cava Syndrome in Guinea Pigs with Chronic Jugular Vein Catheters
Timothy K Cooper, Russell A Byrum, Kurt Cooper, Lisa Evans DeWald, Nina M Aiosa, Irwin M Feuerstein, and Marisa C St Claire

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