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PCR and RT-PCR in the Diagnosis of Laboratory Animal Infections and in Health Monitoring
Susan R Compton

Importance of Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses of Animal Studies: Challenges for Animal-to-Human Translation
Zahra Bahadoran, Parvin Mirmiran, Khosrow Kashfi, and Asghar Ghasemi

Anesthesia Protocols used to Create Ischemia Reperfusion Myocardial Infarcts in Swine
Ana Abad Cobo, Francisco M Sánchez Margallo, Claudia Báez Díaz, Virginia Blanco Blázquez, Irene González Bueno, and Verónica Crisóstomo

A Nonsurgical Embryo Transfer Technique for Fresh and Cultured Blastocysts in Rats
Barbara J Stone, Kendra H Steele, Hongsheng Men, Sarah J Srodulski, Elizabeth C Bryda, and Angelika Fath-Goodin

Compressed Paper as an Alternative to Corn Cob Bedding in Mouse Cages
Brooke D Pallas, Dawn M Keys, Michael P Bradley, Elizabeth J Vernasco-Price, Joe D Sanders, Portia S Allen, and Zachary T Freeman

Cage Position and Response to Humans in Singly-housed Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Kate C Baker

Cost Comparison of Rodent Soiled Bedding Sentinel and Exhaust Air Dust Health-Monitoring Programs
Kerith R Luchins, Chago J Bowers, Darya Mailhiot, Betty R Theriault, and George P Langan

Construction of an Affordable Open-Design Recirculating Zebrafish Housing System
Seong Lin Teoh, Shaiful Ridzwan Bin Sapri, Mohd Rafizul Bin Mohd Yusof, Mohamad Fairuz Yahaya, and Srijit Das

A Comparison of Ketamine or Etomidate Combined with Xylazine for Intraperitoneal Anesthesia in Four Mouse Strains
Crystal H Gergye, Yixuan Zhao, Reneé H Moore, and Vanessa K Lee

Intraperitoneal Alfaxalone and Alfaxalone–Dexmedetomidine Anesthesia in Sprague–Dawley Rats (Rattus norvegicus)
Sylvia E West, Jonathan C Lee, Tinika N Johns, and Elizabeth A Nunamaker

Anesthetic Effects of Intramuscular Alfaxalone–Ketamine in Naked Mole Rats (Heterocephalus glaber)
Neta Ambar, David Eshar, Trenton C Shrader, and Hugues Beaufrère

A Comparison of Buprenorphine, Sustained release Buprenorphine, and High-concentration Buprenorphine in Male New Zealand White Rabbits
David D Andrews, Virginia R Fajt, Kate C Baker, Robert V Blair, Sean H Jones, and Georgina L Dobek

A Comparison of the Efficacy and Cardiopulmonary Effects of 3 Different Sedation Protocols in Otolemur garnettii
Kelsey R Finnie, Carissa P Jones, William D Dupont, Kenneth J Salleng, and Katherine A Shuster

Biochemical Effects of Routine Gonadectomy in Blood of Domestic Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo)
Michelle C Whitehead, Olivia A Petritz, Mary Doerr, Michael K Stoskopf, and Tara M Harrison

Risk Assessment for Use of a Porcine Circovirus-Contaminated Reagent in a Barrier Maintained Rodent Colony
Norman C Peterson, and Aaron A Berlin,

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