Letter from AALAS President, Tracy Parker


When I chose the theme “Overcoming Challenges” for the 2020 AALAS National Meeting, I had no idea what this year would bring. It has been a tumultuous year, but as our recently adopted vision statement says, we will continue to “Educate the world on the transformative value of the animal and human partnership in biomedical research.”

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. Because of this, we made the difficult decision to pivot to a virtual platform and cancel the in-person meeting. However, to support the AALAS mission and our vision, meeting attendance will be complimentary for all AALAS national members. Nonmembers may register for a $100 fee. National Meeting content will be available, once launched, for the remainder of 2020.

This year has been a challenge, but we know that we overcome challenges every day in our facilities, research, and lives.

The National Meeting Program Committee, along with AALAS staff and our program presenters, have assembled a top rate program full of educational opportunities for our attendees. No matter what your background, there are plenty of topics available.

I would also like to thank our commercial partners. AALAS is truly a community, and they have demonstrated patience and resilience as we have struggled to adjust to this unprecedented situation. When you attend the virtual meeting, please support our exhibitors by visiting their virtual “booth/community.” Interact with our exhibitors, join their “community,” and note the resources and products they offer LAS. I especially want to encourage first-time “attendees” to spend time with our exhibitors. I know that our exhibitors have innovative solutions to improve efficiency in our programs. In my experience, it is the technician who will see the direct benefits of these innovations; bring your ideas back to your leadership!

I encourage you to complete your complimentary National Meeting registration and ask that you share this opportunity with others in your facilities and institutions. This unique meeting will be accessible to LAS stakeholders who would traditionally be unable to attend.

Again, I thank all of you, the entire AALAS community, for your support and encouragement. We are determined to deliver the best meeting experience we can for you in this evolving situation.

Thank You!

Tracy Parker, BS, MBA, CMAR, RLATG
2020 AALAS President

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